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End of Lease Cleaning Canberra

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Excellent End Of Lease Cleaning Service In Canberra At Affordable Rates

Are you a tenant searching for a professional end of lease cleaning service provider in Canberra? Or are you a landlord looking forward to make your home cleaned to attract new tenants in Canberra? No more rummaging around as you have reached the right place. Here is how you can make your living space incredibly beautiful and absolutely safe before you leave, if it is anywhere in Canberra.

Basic End of Lease Clean:

1 Bedroom house with 1 bathroom = $380.00
2 Bedroom house with 1 bathroom = $400.00
3 Bedroom house with 1 bathroom = $425.00
4 Bedroom house with 1 bathroom = $450.00
5 Bedroom house with 1 bathroom = $500.00

NOTE: These prices may vary depending on the state of the house

These prices are based on your average 3, 4 or 5 bedroom family home which includes:

  • Lounge room
  • Dining room
  • Family room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry
  1. Each additional bathroom (on top of those already quoted) add $50.00
  2. Each additional bedroom  (on top of those already quoted) add $40.00
  3. Study is classified as an extra bedroom
  4. Rumpus and/or sunroom – add $45.00 each


Oven and grill clean = $90 approx. (depending on state of oven, hard stains will not be removed)
Dishwasher clean = $40.00
Fridge clean = $25.00 per fridge
Outdoor cobweb removal = $40.00 (under eaves and around windows)
Sweeping garage, decks, walkways etc. = $40.00
Empty light fittings of bugs etc and wash = $10.00 per fitting

Carpet Cleaning:

First 2 rooms (including dinning and lounge) = $140.00
Additional rooms = $25.00
Per stair = $3.00

NOTE: These prices may vary depending on the state of the house

NOTE: Longer waiting times apply for carpet cleaning

Specifications for Basic End of Lease Clean

The items listed below are a general guide to what would constitute a thorough end of lease clean after the premises have been vacated.

    • Vacuum all carpeted areas, with proper regard to edges etc
    • Internal and external windows are cleaned (under the height of 3 meters)
    • Window tracks
    • All hard floors to be thoroughly mopped clean
    • Dust and wipe all windows sills and ledges
    • Dust and wipe all skirting boards in all rooms
    • All kitchen cupboards wiped clean both inside and out
    • Clean down external surface of oven and grill
    • Stainless steel kitchen sink scrubbed and polished
    • All bench tops and tiled surfaces wiped clean
    • Bathroom and laundry tubs, basins and cupboards cleaned
    • Removal of all soap scum and mould from showers, bath tubs and indoor spas
    • Polish all glass shower panels
    • Sanitize and disinfect all toilet basins, bowls, seats and fittings
    • Shelving and drawers in built-in robes and hall closets to be wiped clean
    • Dust floor to ceiling in all rooms
    • Remove all internal cobwebs
    • Dust over light fittings (only those easily accessible)
    • Spot clean all obvious marks from walls (minor marks only)
    • Wipe clean all door knobs, light switches and power points