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A guide on our ‘extras’

Basic oven clean

  • A basic oven clean involves the removal of old food and a wipe down of marks and stains internally (glass window and base only) and externally. This does not include the following: Hard stain removal, oven trays, oven walls, areas unreachable by cloths etc.

Inside the fridge

  • A fridge clean involves a staff member removing all food from a fridge, then wiping down each shelf to remove old food residue. This does not include the freezer.

Deep/First Clean

  • A deep clean is just a regular clean, which involves everything you can find here, although, we take more time and extra care when doing the service, this will be a good option for first time appointments for new clients. This option can also be ticked if you house is more dirty than a regular house. This does not include anything different from a regular Cosmic Clean.

Inside windows

  • Inside windows includes the cleaning of all internal windows, doors and any glass. This does not include external window cleaning or internal windows higher than 2 meters (due to insurance reasons).

Spider web removal

  • Spider web removal includes the removal of all internal Spider webs. This does not include ceilings higher than 2.4 meters high.

Skirting boards

  • Skirting boards includes a wipe down and light stain removal of all skirting boards in the house. The does not include walls or door cleaning

Extra Room

  • An extra room can be a study, rumpus room or sun room that you may want us to also dust out and clean.


  • A pet clean is for those clients with pets that would like us to take more time and extra care when servicing your home. Whilst this extra is not a compulsory charge for those with pets, it is advised.