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A clean office is important for your staff members health, motivation and overall performance and productivity. Our office cleaning staff can take care of a wide range of cleaning tasks tailored to your needs including cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, telephones,  computers, general office equipment, kitchens, floors, removal of rubbish and more.

Our services are specific to your unique requirements, so that you can concentrate on running a successful business knowing that your office is in the hands of professional and well trusted cleaners.

A clean office helps ensure a healthier workplace and a happier, more productive workforce. You can be assured that our Cosmic Cleaning staff members are professional, police checked and fully insured with the experience, knowledge and capability to deliver the highest standards of office cleaning to your workplace.

For more information regarding services call us on 0455 886 820 or fill out the online booking form on our website. You can also check out our current work completed through photos and videos uploaded to our Facebook.

Office Cleaning Gold Coast

Do You Need Office Cleaning in the Gold Coast?

Everyone loves a clean office, especially your clients. Old peanuts and dead flies are very off-putting, even in an accounting office. Are you willing to lose clients and star employees because they find an office that hasn’t been cleaned since 1955? If you are, then our services for office cleaning in the Gold Coast are not for you, and there is no need to keep reading. (But please forward the link to our website to your competitors.)

The Benefits of Commercial Office Cleaning Services

You’re still reading, so you understand the importance of clean business premises and how hugely it impacts your company’s public image. There are also other benefits to be derived from regularly cleaning your offices and reception area, which we’ll quickly mention below in the form of highly informative dot points for easy reference:

  • Many people are allergic to dust, either physically or mentally. It simply lowers productivity for such employees and also affects their health. However, dust is also deadly to most electronic devices, especially computers. You should also not be fooled by the apparent lack of dust around workstations because most of it has probably been sucked into the computer by the constantly whirring fans. It then sticks to the heatsinks and blocks the free flow of cooling air. A cleaning service removes the dust from desks, shelves, and carpets – but not the insides of computers, because that’s the IT guy’s job.
  • The question often arises whether it is cheaper to employ a dedicated cleaner or use an office cleaning company. If you are a multinational corporation with a fifty-storey administration building in the CBD, then it probably makes sense to employ your own cleaners. But for the rest of us, you’ll soon face the situation where you are just walking around looking for something that needs cleaning to justify the salary you’re paying the cleaner. On the flip side, with an external cleaning service, you have fixed monthly expenditures based on the frequency of the cleaning cycle, just as if we were an MFP.
  • A trend in modern offices is the whole family feeling created through team-building weekends and the self-help, communal kitchenette. Whose responsibility is it to clean the microwave and sanitise the counter? Poor Sally, just because she’s the new girl? But who must clean the cubicles, where your employees consume loaf after loaf of egg-mayonnaise sandwiches and drop crumbs and sauce that attracts cockroaches and, shudder, rats! The modern office is very similar to a home, with parents and children, but often with the difference of no rules about neatness. The solution is to contract office cleaners on a regular cycle to maintain hygiene in the office and remove all food sources for unwanted pests.In addition to providing office cleaning services in Gold Coast, we also offer expert housekeeping, house cleaning, and end-of-tenancy cleaning services. Give us a call to know more.

Consider This When Choosing Between Gold Coast Office Cleaners

Yes, you definitely need the services of a top-notch cleaning company to maintain the current sparkle of your office. But how do you choose between all the different companies that offer the same services at such competitive prices? Can you really trust the same cleaners as your business competition not to steal your client list and trade secrets? (You can unequivocally trust us not to do this.)

Consider the following benefits that we offer our clients in the Gold Coast:

  • All our cleaning staff (and management) have been thoroughly vetted for the job. Each individual is rigorously interviewed before receiving intensive training in correct cleaning procedures and emergency mop usage. We also conduct regular checks through the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to verify that none of our employees are known felons.
  • Our staff follow a printed checklist during each cleaning session and must sign off that each item has been done and checked. This procedure ensures that nothing was skipped and allows us to see who might be slacking on the job should you, our valued client, complain the next day that there is dust underneath your keyboard.
  • We only use 100% safe and approved chemicals for our office cleaning services. All safety data sheets are available on request. We thoroughly sanitise all our equipment before starting the next job and do not use the same rag to clean your whole office. Even without the threat of COVID, health and safety are always paramount in our workflow and cleaning protocols.
  • We have gift cards available for house cleanings, making great corporate gifts instead of the boring old pen or mug.

About Cosmic Cleaning

We have gained a solid reputation for reliability and thoroughness with our clients in Canberra and have recently expanded our office cleaning operations to the Gold Coast. All our work is guaranteed for 100% satisfaction, which will create the right impression with your clients. Contact us today for a Gold Coast office cleaning quote with superior results. If you are new to our website, don’t forget to explore our Blog page.