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Organizing the home

by cosmicact - November 30, 2015

Starting to organize a home is a rather sticky situation. This is especially hard if there’s a rat pack in the family who finds it hard to throw away stuff or useless things.

Rule to abide by when starting to organize the home: If it’s not beautiful or useful get rid of it, when in doubt throw it out! Let’s face it, all of us accumulate different things over the years and these could lead to clutter whether these are clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, gadgets and other household items. Here are some time saving tips to keep the clutter off assuming you’ve already organized and want to keep the house as clean and orderly as possible.bed cut for blog
• When starting the decluttering process, look for the places where it accumulates the most. From these hotspots in the home you can either place a box or a basket where everything can be thrown in, in a jiffy.
• Observe clean room policy in the home, pick rooms like bedrooms or the living room where in no food, drinks, toys or gadgets are allowed. This is to keep some rooms neat and tidy and easier to clean up.
• All hotspots must have a clutter basket or box where everything can be put in quickly and still be easily retrievable

like a toy basket in the kitchen or living room, shoe box on the cupboard of the front door. Let’s face it, the ideal situation is when we organize everything stays in all designated place but we all know this isn’t possible all the time. So, for a quick cleanup and organization, keep a clutter basket is convenient and practical especially for a busy household.
Being organized and tidy takes time, practice and patience. So just do as much as you can. And if time is too critical, hire someone to do it for you.

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